The areas featured ATV Trails are the Wolf Pen Gap. These trails offer views of high mountain
vistas, leading riders through an array of scenic areas such as Gap Creek and Board Camp Creek.
Large forest Pines and Hardwoods, passing by unique 2-fotted oak tree & abandoned
mineshaft. Waterfalls galore after a fresh rain. Trail loops are connected to accommodate riders
who want to vary the length of their trips. With over 700 miles of creek crossings, and beautiful
vistas one never has to be stuck behind a slow rider!

Explore the Arkansas Ouachita National Forest and its beautiful surroundings, remote areas
offering views of mountain creeks, rock formations, rough terrain, gravel and unsurfaced trails
that wind deep into the picturesque Ozark country. The ultimate ATV Ouachita
Mountain/Ouachita National Forest trail experience awaits, ride and conquer the ultimate
adventure trail.